We want to run our instrumented tests on Gitlab. We've created a Linux runner(amd64,Ubuntu 22.04) to execute connectedAndroidTest gradle task. However we've come across some obstacles.

I have two questions :

  • According this article, I read that we can not use VM acceleration for android emulator in another VM ? Is it true ?
  • Is there anyone able to run the instrumented tests on another VM using VM acceleration? VM acceleration is important because it improves execution speed. Otherwise it will take a long time to start the emulator.

While trying this for android-31(x86_64) emulator, I'm getting error below even if KVM is enabled on VM.

KVM: entry failed, hardware error 0x8
FATAL   | Emulator: exiting becase of the internal error 'kvm_arch_handle_exit: 
hardware error happened in KVM, aborting now

Also I checked these:

$./emulator -accel-check
KVM (version 12) is installed and usable.

INFO: /dev/kvm exists
KVM acceleration can be used

I thought if the official site says like this, maybe it's true. Otherwise we have to build a physical Linux machine for hardware acceleration or we have to increase our resources on VM and continue without VM acceleration. (cpu,memory etc.) :)





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