I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I am in process of upgrading LineageOS from 16 to 18. The instructions indicate to wipe the data partition in step 8. Will this remove my installed apps and data? I know how to do a backup and restore using adb but I wondered if there is a way to upgrade lineageOS and keep the apps and data without backing up and restoring.

  • The link you have posted does not work. Yes wiping the user data partition delete all app data and apps. It is difficult to guess if this is really necessary. May be the step to clear data is mainly there to avoid potential problems. I already had the case that switching from stock ROM to a totally different custom ROM had worked without wiping data.
    – Robert
    Mar 24, 2023 at 20:07
  • backup apps with Migrate, messages with SMS Backup & Restore and 'adb pull -a /sdcard' all your files to PC
    – alecxs
    Mar 24, 2023 at 20:26
  • I fixed the link. Mar 24, 2023 at 22:41

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According to the changelog for LineageOS 18,

Please note that if you’re currently on an official build, you DO NOT need to wipe your device, unless your device’s wiki page specifically dictates otherwise, as is needed for some devices with massive changes, such as a repartition. (emphasis mine)

While the Instructions for upgrading the Note 3 (hlte) as mentioned in the original question specifically says

  1. Wipe your data partition (this is usually named “Wipe”, or “Format”)

So I think the answer is definitively No

As additional evidence, I tried an upgrade to 18.1 on a second backup phone I have without doing the data partition wipe and it will not boot properly.

So for those upgrading a Note 3 (hlte), please do a backup of everything you want to have after the upgrade. I use ADB to do this but many people use a custom recovery to do a nandroid backup

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