Need to automate downloading of all available Android SDK Platforms using the sdkmanager from terminal. For example, an Android SDK Platform 19 can be installed using sdkmanager "platforms;android-19". How to install all avaiable SDK Platforms without running the command separately for each platform?

  • Hmm, I have a feeling this question is more about terminal scripting like perhaps doing some looping rather than about Android specifically, and I wonder if other sister sites about desktop PC (e.g. Super User) might be helpful...
    – Andrew T.
    Mar 27 at 6:57
  • All SDK plaforms can be downloaded by writing a script. I wanted to know if there is a flag or an option that can be given to sdkmanager to download all SDK platforms. Mar 27 at 14:15
  • Given how big in disk size each platform can get, the manual/scripted use of sdkmanager --list --channel=0 and then installing the ones you want may deliberate. Mar 27 at 20:51


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