I have a Huawei nova Y90 (CTR-LX2). I've been wanting to flash it with either a custom or stock ROM for experimental purposes, but I can't find a ROM file/firmware for the model CTR-LX2 specifically. I could mostly find for model CTR-LX1.

So far, I've only downloaded CTR-LX1, which has the UPDATE.APP file in it which, from searching on Google, is the file I need to flash. And I stumbled across a CTR-LX2 which was being sold on the net. When I took a look at it, it contained a Super.img. I wasn't sure how to flash that one as there wasn't any info on Super.img.

I was wondering if it's safe to flash the device with the CTR-LX1 ROM file or if my device will get bricked?

  • Flashing the wrong firmware will most likely brick. PS - Don't ask here for ROMs, it's off-topic. Apr 1, 2023 at 10:09


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