When using Gboard voice to text input, an atrocious bell sounds to prompt the user to start talking.

It wakes up the ...

Sure, I could turn down its volume with the four Android volume sliders. Indeed, on different phones it is on a different sliders. But that doesn't matter, because that is not the solution I am looking for. Why? Because it affects other apps. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Yes, in a Utopian world one could have A and B, and even my groundbreaking landmark Android Speaker Permissions proposal. But today I am merely wanting to deball this one bell, on my run of the mill Samsung A13 5G Android 13 phone.

The logcat is:

04-02 19:24:44.433 I/VoiceInputManager(3099): VoiceInputManager.startVoiceInput():194 startVoiceInput () : VoiceSessionParams{audioInputStream=null, primaryLanguageTag=en-US, secondaryLanguageTags=null, triggerApplicationId=null, triggerFieldName=null, blockOffensiveWords=true, autoStarted=false, fallbackAvailable=false, suppressBeepSoundAtRecognitionStart=false, connectOnly=false} : VoiceTranscriptionState : UI = NOT open : Microphone = NOT listening : Recognizer = NOT running

If only I could somehow go in and toggle that suppressBeepSoundAtRecognitionStart to true!



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