The Goal
Get all adb devices (same hardware) to use the same usb drivers on Windows 10

The Problem:
Before an IT update, I installed the adb drivers once on my PC and every device was recognized in Device Manager (they are automotive infotainment units). After the IT update, the devices are shown under Other devices in Device Manager and I must reinstall the driver manually for every device Using Update > pick from list > next > have disk > ... > android_winusb.inf. This leads to a huge list of Android ADB Interface devices in Device Manager, but they are all the exact same hardware. I'm not sure what happened from that IT update, but IT department is unable to resolve.

What I've Tried:
adding/installing/removing the driver with
pnputil.exe -a C:\path\to\driver.inf
pnputil.exe /install C:\path\to\driver.inf
pnputil.exe -d C:\path\to\driver.inf
with generous rebooting. I verified the drivers are in the system by looking at

>  ls C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\*android*
d-----     4/11/2023 4:41 PM  android_winusb.inf_amd64_e173223db663f87f

Also tried following this tutorial to manually install the driver for legacy hardware. No dice so far. Greatly appreciate any advice, Thanks!


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