I use a platform that runs natively under any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) and they also have an Android and iPhone app.

This platform is running a little bit crazy under Windows Chrome or Firefox due to network restrictions from where I work, but for some unknown reason, it runs fine inside the Android app.

I tried the app under the Bluestacks emulator and it ran fine, but I don´t want to have the emulator running and can't be on the phone all the time.

I wonder if it´s possible to run the Android app inside Chrome (in Windows 10) or if it's possible to run some sort of dev tools inside Android to try to understand what´s wrong with the native website and why it works fine inside the Android platform.

Any light in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

  • The network restriction is probably in the form of a PAC file in Proxy Settings enabled for the browser that may block the site or it's js/css assets from whatever CDN the site is using, which might be what caused the link to not work.
    – jBimm
    Apr 13, 2023 at 13:03
  • Chrome has built-in developer tools for monitor and debug web applications. But that is a topic that belongs more to stackoverflow.com.
    – Robert
    Apr 13, 2023 at 20:49
  • Welcome to Android Enthusiasts. We have some questions that may be related/possible dupe: Does ARC Welder still work? (running Android apps on Chrome), Chrome's Development Tools on Android
    – Andrew T.
    Apr 14, 2023 at 14:49

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For running Andorid app under Chrome, the answer is no. Even on ChromeOS, the Chrome browser and the android system are separated.

For using DevTools, if USB debugging shows nothing from your PC side, then it is impossible.

You may try reverse ennigering your app. For example:

  1. Capture the HTTPS requests and analyse headers
  2. Decompile apk and analyse smali codes.

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