How do I make my Android phone on the stand show my inbox (Gmail, mobile website, or even the Outlook app if need be)?

While I'm working, I like having my entire computer dedicated to that, probably a number of apps, a number of tabs, etc.

I have an Android phone (Pixel 7P) that I have on a (Pixel) stand next to my computer screen. It shows the time, weather, and family photos, but want I would really like to see is if my boss sends me an email.

Is there a way to keep the Gmail app visible? Or a widget or something that shows incoming emails.

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    Perhaps worth noting about the possibility of the docked state, so I'm not sure whether answers about kiosk mode/app pinning or widget on the home screen might be applicable on this case.
    – Andrew T.
    Apr 16 at 4:40


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