As mentioned in android documention, Android 12 should not use debug filesystem in user mode.

I want to build AOSP 12.1 for some device, but building in user mode results to error below:

files are incompatible: Runtime info and framework compatibility matrix are incompatible: No compatible kernel requirement found (kernel FCM version = 5)

for kernel requirement at matrix level 5, for config CONFIG_DEBUG_FS, value=y but required n

This config (CONFIG_DEBUG_FS) isn't my defconfig. I also added CONFIG_DEBUG_FS=n config to defconfig, but no change. result kernel config (obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config) after build is same (CONFIG_DEBUG_FS=y)

It seems that Android build system uses a base config from host os OR there are some depencencies to this config such that this config is ignored.

How to disable this config in android build system?


I tried "make KCONFIG_CONFIG=arch/arm64/config/vendor/my_defconf menuconfig" so my defconf was input to menuconfig.

I disabled CONFIG_DEBUG_FS by disabling PAGE_OWNER option. because there was a rule that if 3 specific config was set, this config will set automatically.


if all sets then debugfs will set. so I disabled PAGE_OWNER because two others were Mandatory or useful. Then I saved defconfig. such that so many configs changed. and I start to build kernel but too many errors was in result.

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As I mentioned in question, for aosp 12.1 and above, you should unset "CONFIG_PAGE_OWNER" config in kernel config file to build in user mode. unsetting this option will unset CONFIG_DEBUG_FS

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