First i deleted chat from WhatsApp, then i deleted contact from my phone. Then i refreshed WhatsApp 2-3 times but when i type name in search bar, that contact is visible in WhatsApp without any previous chats.

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Whatsapp (like some other apps) makes clones of contacts. So, for a particular contact, there is a Phone/Sim entry and there is a Whatsapp entry.

To delete from Whatsapp.

  • Search for Contact on Whatsapp
  • Press on 3 dots
  • Select View Contact


  • You can block the Contact


  • Press on 3 dots
  • Select View in Address Book
  • Select More
  • Select Delete

If you have a whole lot to do then a Contact Manager App can make it easy. I use Contacts Optimizer (I am not associated with it)

To prove it, here is a screenshot from Contacts Optimizer. This is page 2 of the accounts, I am showing this page to show Whatsapp.

enter image description here

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