I've built Chromium from source for arm64. I was reading this page which discusses how to pass flags to Chromium upon startup. It gives the following example:

out/Default/bin/content_shell_apk argv --args='--foo --bar'

My out/Default/bin doesn't contain a content_shell_apk but rather a chrome_public_apk. The rest of this question is based on the (possibly mistaken) assumption that those two are the same.

That script accesses other files in my Chromium source directory meaning that I need to copy some if not all of the files to the Android. That's a non-trivial ask given how big the source is. Furthermore, the script invokes python3 which doesn't exist on my Android.

All of this brings me to my situation. I don't know how to use that script to start Chromium so I've instead been doing

am start org.chromium.chrome/com.google.android.apps.chrome.Main -a android.intent.action.VIEW

However, adding flags to that invocation doesn't appear to have any effect.

How do I either

  1. Run the chrome_public_apk script on the Android or
  2. Launch the installed APK with flags




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