I am using Termius Android app on my phone to SSH connect my server. When I get in a screen session, it can't input Ctrl+A+D to leave this session, only Ctrl + one key can be input.

Also, my program in this session keeps running, so I can’t run any command unless using Ctrl+C to stop my program, but that is so stupid for just leaving a session!

Does anyone meet the same problem as me? It's much appreciated if anyone knows a solution.

Expected result: Realize the Ctrl+A+D effect in normal

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    Welcome to Android Enthusiasts. According to a post on our sister site: Unix.SE - Ctrl+a+d exiting terminal?, Ctrl+D is the shortcut to end the session, regardless of Ctrl+A, but it has to be on an empty line. Perhaps you can experiment with it?
    – Andrew T.
    May 24 at 1:03
  • Not work for me, I think the problem is that Termius can not accept Ctrl+(2 keys). For example, when Ctrl was pressed, then pressing another key makes Ctrl reset. Therefore, It actually sends separately Ctrl+A and Ctrl+D into terminal, while the latter one just exit the connection.
    – ham
    May 25 at 3:00


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