I tried to root my Oneplus 6T. Now the phone is stuck on the bootloader

If I continue with START, the device is going to a loop, never completing the boot process.

I tried booting the boot image with fastboot like fastboot flash boot twrp-3.2.3-1-fajita.img, but after that, an error message is displayed

QUALCOMM CrashDump Mode  

Attempted to kill init!  exitcode=0x0000000b

After searching, I found that the MSM tool can flash the device with a fresh install, but the software is not available on macOS.

Is there any alternative for the MSM tool? How can I get at least go back to a non-rooted state?

  • I don't know the resolution, but you can install VirtualBox or a VM and install Windows on it. plug in the Android/ install the software in the VM; it should work if it needs windows.
    – Big Joe
    May 24 at 20:40

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After an extensive Google search and reading xda forum, I realized that the official TWRP image does not support the latest OxygenOS -

Fortunately, there is an unofficial patch that works on OOS I got it from this thread. After flashing the newly downloaded image, I could boot to TWRP recovery.

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