Android 13 offers a network rate limit for WiFi and xG connections via the developer options. I'm using a Xiaomi smartphone with MIUI 14 sporting Android 13. However it doesn't limit the actual speed: I've tried it setting it to 128 and 256KBps and it still downloads at the max. speed my WiFi offers.

Am I probably not alone with this problem and this is a bug or not supported by Xiaomi? Or what am I doing wrong?

  • Most likely this is a Xiomi bug. Such rarely used features are often not covered by any test plan the manufacturer perform before releasing a new version.
    – Robert
    May 28 at 10:02
  • @Robert In the meantime I read elsewhere that this feature requires support to be enabled in the Kernel as well. I suppose this isn't the case, at least for now.
    – lmoly
    May 28 at 13:27


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