I want to leave bluetooth on so I get texts to my fitbit, but when I do that, my phone will connect to my headset which I'm using for something else. I use this headset with my phone too and don't want to unpair it.

How do I disable auto connect for this headset or disable auto connect for my phone entirely?



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use (Bluetooth Manager Controller) App, and disable auto connect, turn off all the notifications, hide the app :)

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    Please provide more information about the app and a statement if you are associated with it. Commented Jan 18 at 14:00
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    Bluetooth manager controller is full of obtrusive ads. Does not work. Personal experience and according to the reviews. It's also a $15 app. I do not recommend. There is nothing to do what you ask at this time sadly. Commented May 21 at 16:19

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