There are apps I don't want to update for some reason, like missing features, new unwanted features, or tons of video ads with newer versions. Often when I launch some apps, I get the monit asking me to update such an app. As I found out, it's so called "flexible update flow" that came with Android 5.0 (API v21). Is there a way to block it without patching such an app? Like blocking some Google service/app drawing on top?

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I dont know if this feature is available on 5.0. But it has been available for a while. You can disable updates per App.

  1. Go to PlayStore
  2. Select Manage Apps tab
  3. Select the required App
  4. Press on 3 dots on top right corner
  5. Uncheck the box for Enable Auto Update

It may not stop the message from all apps.

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