I am trying to follow the suggestions in the answer to this question (How can I get a ubuntu desktop on my Galaxy S8 Ultra?) in order to be able to run vscode and ubuntu on my samsung galaxy s8+ tablet. I have installed ubuntu via termux and proot-distro but when I try and open an ubuntu shell it says:

apt update
apt upgrade
pkg install root-repo x11-repo
pkg install proot proot-distro
proot-disto install ubuntu
proot-distro login ubuntu

and I get

stat: cannot stat '/data/misc/apexdata/com.android.art/dalvik-cache': No such file or directory

I have found this answer (https://groups.google.com/g/android-porting/c/4VrxsM1pLso) indicating that some directory write access has not been granted somewhere but I do not know how to even begin to deal with this issue. any advice would be appreciated! My model number is Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G SM-x806B.


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