There are 2 functions in Google Maps that are quite suitable for a task of mine, but they would need to be combined, and after searching the internet and this site, I'm not sure if it is possible or not. I would appreciate confirmation about this question: If/how this is possible.

1: In Google Maps, one can create their own maps (see image below). These can then be displayed in the Google Maps app and can also be shared with others.

2: One can select areas of the map to be saved offline in the Google Maps App.

enter image description here.

Hence the question: is it possible to also save offline maps of my own maps/saved places?

I have noticed that I can load the Map, if I then deconect the internet, it will still display all markers in the are. However, if I close (not minimize) the app and re-open it, they are gone. Likewise, if I click on one of the points I can't see the information saved for these points.

This makes me believer that offline-map functionality is not available for saved/own maps, even if I have downloaded an offline-version for the overlaping area. Is this correct? And if not, where can I find more information about how to achieve this.

I have found similar questions here and I do not mean to open up a duplicate question, I simply don't know if nothing has changed in the last 10 years.

2012: Is there someway to make "My maps" in google maps available offline with location markers?

2014: Offline Google Maps

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