I have (for 2 years) the "second space" in use (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, MIUI RJZEUXM, updated about 1 year ago), and it works wonderfully - two separate phones in one. But because I couldn't use the SD card in the second space and so lack of memory, I finally mounted the card as shared memory the week before last. Yay! Much more memory! But, a few days ago, the system deleted all pictures and videos in the second space that I had made since then (kayak tour). But only in the second space; the ones in the "first phone" are all there.

I hadn't changed anything before, no reboot either (except after the incident, but I didn't do anything). Various undelete apps found nothing; the memory card can't be it. Took a media scan also, but nope.


  1. How could this happen on the part of MIUI and
  2. How can I (maybe, hopefully) get my pictures and videos back in second space?

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Xiaomi has sent out a mail to its users advising them on the closure of the cloud service for gallery items:

Dear Xiaomi Cloud user,

We're in the process of terminating cloud sync services for Gallery items. To avoid losing any of your data, we recommend following the instructions below to transfer or download your Gallery items as soon as possible.

  1. Transfer items stored in the cloud to Google Photos

First, make sure that your Gallery app is updated to the latest version ( In the app, tap the dialog on the Start page or the notice at the top of the screen to start the transfer process, then follow the instructions. You can back up all your photos and videos to Google Photos.

  1. Download items stored in the cloud to your device

In your browser, visit i.mi.com, then tap the Gallery icon or select the dropdown menu next to your profile photo. Follow the instructions on the screen to download your items.

Please note that you can only choose one of the above options.

As of July 31, 2023, we will cease to offer transfer and download services for Gallery items, and any remaining Gallery items stored in Xiaomi Cloud will be permanently cleared. For more information on the specific service termination timeline in your region, visit: https://i.mi.com/announcement/stop_service?_locale=en_US

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