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How to make run only a single application with all other application stopped?


I would like to create a weather station alarm clock from an Android Tablet. This would sit on my bedside table. When I tap the screen or press the button or something, it would wake up and show me the local weather forecast.


Is it possible to make an Android tablet behave in a single application way like this? I.E. no apps, no app store, no 'slide to unlock', no other logos or screen clutter, that kind of thing?


This is more of a user interface question. I don't care if there are other applications on the device, I just want it to behave to the user as if this was a weather station device only, rather than an amazing multi-purpose computer.

I don't need it to be secure against someone who really wants to get past the main application, I just want to prevent it always annoyingly switching out of the main app. Since it's going to be a weather station only, I don't want it always offering me irrelevant things, like a handy screen saver, other apps, slide to unlock, etc. and making me have to do loads of interaction to get back to its main app.

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Theoretically, yes.

I would assume you could accomplish this by the following process:

  1. Root the device.
  2. Remap every button to the one app you want to run
  3. Configure your device to operate as you want
    • remove lock screen, etc.
  4. Fill in the gaps

There's where it gets tricky, you could uninstall your launcher as well, but I have not tried mapping buttons to apps (which might require a bit of custom program), and I do not know if you could get to them without a launcher installed, as that is where the system defaults to after rebooting. That being said, removing too much (like the lock screen) could de-stabilize your system, although you may be able to find work arounds for each specific issue (like using No Lock).

This is an interesting idea, and definitely one to play around with. It could yield some interesting applications.

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