I take a lot of pictures of one person and this person always wants me to share them. Google Photos is really good at identifying these pictures and so I was wondering if there was a way that Google Photos could share these photos with them "in real time" i.e. some way that when I took a new photo of this person they would automatically be able to see it.

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The closest thing this can be achieved is by creating an auto-updating shared album.

Create a shared album

[steps omitted, see below]


  • You can share directly to anyone with a Google Account if they're in your contacts or by search using their email address or phone number. For everyone else, you can create a link to share.
  • When you share a link to your album, anyone with the link can view the photos and add to the album. Learn how sharing controls give your photos more privacy.
  • If you share an album that automatically adds photos of face groups, anyone with access to the album can view photos as they're added.

There are multiple ways to set up:

  1. Choose:
    • From the Search tab, select the person, then tap Share as album.
    • From the Sharing tab, tap Create shared album, choose Select people & pets, select the person, tap Confirm in the top-right corner.
  2. Input the album title
  3. Tap Share in the top-right corner, then tap OK on the confirmation dialog
  4. Choose:
    • Select the Google Account of the one you want to share, then tap Send
    • Select an app, confirm Create link, then proceed to share the link from the app.

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