I had a problem where the TV that I needed to use to watch movies, kept recognizing the EFI partition as the only partition on the USB drive, And I couldn't get to the second partition.

I decided to delete the first partition, but then the TV didn't recognize the USB drive. I thought it might have something to do with the partition table having a missing partition at the start. I tried moving the partition with parted, but found that they removed the move feature and I need to try something else.

I can't install sfdisk on Termux. The only thing left I found was manually moving the partition left. Is this the only solution?

Edit: I managed to install sfdisk, but there are two answers on two different forum posts with two different uses of the sfdisk command. One of them uses just sfdisk /dev/sda -N 1, and the other one uses echo '+100M,' | sfdisk --move-data /dev/sda -N 1. Which one should I use?

  • Format the usb with partition type fat32. Should work
    – 44yu5h
    Jul 13 at 0:31
  • @44yu5h I can't. I have videos on the partition, that would take ages to download. If I could do that, I could just delete every partition and create a new partition from the empty space. But I can't do that.
    – RadoslavL
    Jul 13 at 7:21


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