I've started listening to music on spotify with the sleep timer as I go to sleep. However, I normally have Do Not Disturb enabled when I sleep, and Do Not Disturb blocks all media because I have the "Media sounds" setting setting to not be able to interrupt. I don't want to enabled this setting because I don't want things like text messages to ding during the night.

I see there is a way to allow notifications from specific apps through Do Not Disturb, but is there a way to allow audio from specific apps? Specifically, I'd like Spotify to be able to play when I have Do Not Disturb up, and nothing else.

I'm running Android 13.

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You can control which Apps can break the "Do Not Disturb"

  • Open Settings
  • Search for Disturb
  • Select do not disturb
  • Select App notifications
  • Select Add apps
  • Select Spotify
  • This only applies to notifications, not Media; meaning, not the music that spotify is actually playing.
    – xAptive
    Commented Jul 18, 2023 at 13:08

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