This is question is basically an acknowledgement that I'm very f-ing lazy.

First, I'm on a Pixel 6 Pro running stock A13, rooted and filled with Magisk modules.

I needed to find a way to guarantee I'll wake up, so I tried Alarmy (I just noticed the apk id is droom.sleepIfUCan, haha), which has a really cool feature of posing a few physical and/or mental challenges to stop the alarm from ringing.

But well, the very first day I tried it (with no real need to wake up at the time I set), I didn't feel like waking up, as I had nothing scheduled, so I simply turned my phone off (I'm not sure, but I think Alarmy blocked my screen and stopped me from pulling the dropdown menu or switching to other apps, so I used the Power+Vol Up menu) and found an easy way to beat the purpose.

I'm wondering if I can somehow I can circumvent this:

  • Perhaps Tasker could block and unblock Shutdown using Alarmy's actions as triggers;

  • Another approach would be to somehow block it via terminal/Termux. The only times I ever need to turn my phone off is during chess tournaments, so I wouldn't mind having to enable Shutdown again and disable it afterwards;

  • Maybe this can be done with a Magisk module;

  • Or, my last guess, maybe I'll need a custom ROM for that.

And of course, perhaps this is not possible at all. Is it?



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