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The internal storage of a Xiaomi Redmi 7A (Android 9) is running low, so I wish to free up space by moving Whatsapp media storage to the SD card. I moved the folder manually, but the big issue with that, that the data is going to be simply redownloaded again and the whole exercise would be futile. So ideally I need to set the media storage to SD card. But I am also open to other solutions to this problem.

The phone belongs to a child, that is why I wouldn't like to root it.

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Some apps are written to be able to use SdCard for storage, Whatsapp is not one of them.

You can see this in Settings>Apps>Whatsapp>Storage Apps that can work with SdCard have a change button here.

But in Whatsapp you can goto 3dotmenu>Settings>Storage and Data>Manage Storage and then select a chat group and delete selected items from it.

  • Teach your child to do that. They can't keep everything forever. And they can't have unlimited storage.

  • Or upgrade the phone.

  • Is there at least an option in whatsapp to download files (images &videos) manually to a selected location (ie on the SD) card? I could teach the child to do that and then delete the message.
    – Andrey Pro
    Aug 2, 2023 at 20:21

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