I have a Xiaomi POCO X5 5G, running MIUI Global 14.0.4.

There is a problem where (in the Global ROM) the Google Phone app (as a system app) seems to be killed, even with MIUI Battery Optimization disabled. There is no option for Autostart in settings.

If someone knows how to force enable Autostart for a system app (when the option is not present) please let me know, but for now, let's look at the Y of this X/Y problem.

I am trying to resolve this issue using Tasker. I have a profile that triggers on Display Off event. The task it should run is to start the phone app in the background. I have found the following command, which I've put in Run Shell:

  • am startservice -n com.google.android.dialer/.MainActivity
  • am startservice -n com.google.android.dialer/.main.impl.MainActivity
  • am startservice -n com.android.dialer/.MainActivity
  • am startservice -n com.android.dialer/.main.impl.MainActivity
  • am startservice -n com.android.dialer.Dialer_Application/.MainActivity

And many, many other attempts. I am running these commands in Termux as root to try to find one that works. I am looking at AndroidManifest.xml to see what all the possible activities are. I can't figure it out, I always see:

Starting service: Intent { cmp=com.google.android/.MainActivity }
Error: Not found: no services started.

I have even used an app to create a shortcut to start that activity, and then copied the settings from that app. Nothing seems to work.

How can I start the dialer in the background using Tasker?



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