I have an old oneplus 6t I am using to play music as it is rooted and using Viper4Android to get better equalisation

At the same time, my main phone is a galaxy fold 4 and I would like to have my earbuds connected to this phone (so if I get a call I can take on earbuds etc) but receive music from my Oneplus

Anyone have any ideas or done something like this before?


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Bluetooth is not designed to be a network. It is really for one device. It is hard enough to get more than one device working on one phone. They take turns to connect.

Although you can pair a device to more than one phone, you can only receive from one source.

  • Hi Rohit, thanks for your comment. Maybe I'm thinking about it the wrong way. Is there a way of doing this wirelessly, this device will always have network connectivity as it joins my hotspot and I have unlimited data. If not, can a Bluetooth device like earbuds connect to 1 phone for audio and 1 phone for just calls, and switch when needed? My earbuds are Sony WF-c500
    – Marcus S
    Commented Aug 29, 2023 at 15:15

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