This is a very poorly-defined question, because I can't figure out what causes this issue. But on occasion (and not rarely), when I pull my phone out of my pocket, the flashlight is on, bluetooth has been turned off, and when I unlock the phone I am looking at the emergency call screen. I believe that the DND and bedroom settings get modified sometimes as well.

I haven't been able to find anything like this on the web. Any ideas? (Pixel 6, Android 13)

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    I did and it seems to have worked. I've been waiting to see the behavior, and after about a week I have not had the problem. Thanks. If you want to write up an answer we can close this.
    – rogerl
    Sep 6 at 11:41

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Solution: In the lock screen settings disable both Tap to Wake and Lift to Wake

Source: Pixel 6 Dialing Contacts Or Opening Random Apps When In Pocket [Fixed]

Numerous users have voiced their concern that whenever their Pixel 6 is kept in their pocket, it tends to open any random app, dial a phone call to any random person, enable DND Mode, turn on Airplane Mode, send a message via WhatsApp, etc

OP has confirmed the solution to work on their phone

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