It all started when I flashed the wrong recovery.img on my device. I have two Vivo Y97s with the exact model, version, and specs. I didn't realize that I need to port TWRP first on my recovery.img before I can flash it using fastboot. After I flashed the wrong recovery.img, my device suddenly wouldn't turn on, couldn't boot up, and couldn't even enter recovery mode. BTW, they are both bootloader unlocked and the other one is already rooted.

Let's say A is the bricked phone and B is working fine. Can I use the backup ROM of B and restore it to A? I'm not gonna use stock ROM.

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After flashing the ROM of B into A, the phone is unbricked now and it's working perfectly fine.

I've flashed the system.img (this contains the library of Android system) and also vendor.img (this contains the drivers of all the hardware for the device, like GPU, camera, touchscreen, microphone, audio, and sensors that the apps use).

Then I reformat the recovery.img partition inside the bricked phone since it was the reason why it was bricked.

I've also reformated the userdata.img (as the name says, it has all the user data like contacts, installed apps, screenlock, photos, videos, and other files) which basically the same as reset factory in settings


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