I am running Android 12 on a Realme 8 5G phone.

I would like to know, where on the phone, I can view what app is used as a phone call opening app when I receive incoming phone calls.

Also, is there a premission required upon installation that must be entered to change this, or, how does it work?

I ask because I have found an application called Rogervoice, which lets you see the incoming text for incoming calls.

However, it is a paid app, and I might need to change it (for example, back to the original phone answering app), if I install it.

But I wouldn't want to not be able to use it.

However, I feel it is a good app.

It would really help me in my daily life, especially in situations where I needed to make a lot of phone calls and couldn't keep track of what is being said (hopefully, the text, is displayed in real time... perhaps that's why it is a paid app).

However, I might need to go back, and test, voice only.

It might be better to have the voice transcription, instead of going though the voice recording (which, could give some comfort, to listen to, for some phone calls... especially for the more lonely people), but, could just be a waste of time compared to using Rogervoice's transcription.

The Rogervoice app, may just be one of the best, voice, incoming calls, apps out there.

Please, respond, to this message (so that I may also try this app). I am just one of the many people that need this accessibility enhancement (or, maybe, it's just good for me (and, it's just what I need). But how many people have trouble understanding, following, and memorizing what is said on the phone. Isn't this just what they need? Thanks a lot for supporting me.

You can probably also use the app to have a conversation, and then see how it went (through, the text transcript).

Thank you for your support.


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    Usually under default apps. No idea about Realme
    – beeshyams
    Sep 19 at 5:25
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    Sorry, while the question in the title is a legitimate question, the text in the question body is all over the place telling your opinion about the Rogervoice app, which I'm not sure anymore what the real question is.
    – Andrew T.
    Sep 19 at 8:36