For Gboard, the default symbol when you long press a number in the number row is to show fractions. Is it possible to change this behavior to symbols instead similar to a normal keyboard where 1/!, 2/@, 3/#, 4/$, 5/%...etc. I know these symbols are already present when you long press the letter keys but I just want to know if there is an option for this.


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Some languages have a PC keyboard layout that allows long-pressing the first row (e.g. numbers) as quick access to its Shift modifier. Otherwise, there is no option to add alternative keys to the existing keyboard layouts.

Steps to change the keyboard layout:

  1. Open Gboard settings
    • Android Settings - System - Languages & input - On-screen keyboard (steps may differ depending on the device model and Android version)
    • Tap the cog wheel icon from the Gboard keyboard directly
  2. Select Languages
  3. Select an existing language, or add a new keyboard
  4. Swipe the layout options to find the PC layout.

Note that this layout hides the pop-up character hint on the keys, so the user must have already remembered the characters to use them efficiently.

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