I was more then sure that my actions in the Google Play Store (either mobile app or through website) are the only way to trigger installation of some app.

My phone was lying alone and dark for the last hour, I did nothing:

  • around Google Play Store website on my PC,
  • around any app or phone in general

in the last hour or so. But, when I have just unlocked it, I have found out that to my extreme surprise, it started installation of Microsoft Teams.

This is the first time in my 10+ years Android history that something like that has happened.

Who (or what) beside my can start installation of some app on one of my devices?


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If it was a Google app instead of a Microsoft's one, I would bet it was triggered by Google itself, since they firmly believe they have ownsership of every single Android device ever made.

But in this case, someone may have accessed your Google account and installed it from the web store, which allows installing apps on all your devices, including Android TVs. Just in case, change your Google account password and logout from all devices.

  • Thanks for your answer, however you keep adding a guessing-answers which are prohibited here. This s probably why your answers gets downvoted. I think it is impossible for someone else to access my Google account as I have 2FA enabled and must manually (from the phone in question) approve each login attempt to my account using... Google app. Plus, I get an email from Google about each such login (even for each and every my own logins). Which is a bit frustrating, but useful. None of such things happened for this particular situation, so I assume that nobody has accessed my account this time.
    – trejder
    Commented Sep 25, 2023 at 12:13

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