When I used to take a screenshot on a cell phone (Honor 8, not rooted, Android 8.0.0), I push the power button and the volume button together. But now the power button on a cell phone has stopped working (see How to fix the problem of power button stuck a bit inside and not working?). Is there a way of taking a screenshot without using the power button? Is there something similar to accessibility tools on an operating system (such as virtual keyboard in Ubuntu)? Thanks.

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    @beeshyams thanks. It's Honor 8. It is not rooted. Google and a large part of the Internet is censored and inaccessible here.
    – Tim
    Commented Sep 29, 2023 at 2:39

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Since you mentioned that internet is censored in your country, here are two links, that describe how to take a screen shot without a power button.

  1. Youtube, specifically for Honor 8

  2. How to take a screenshot on HONOR smartphones? for Honor phones in general (from Honor forums).

a) Notification Bar Shortcut: HONOR makes it more intuitive to take a screenshot by giving you a shortcut in the notification area.(or quick setting tiles) It looks like scissors cutting paper. Select it to get your screenshot. GIF from the website.

enter image description here

b) Knock on the screen with your knuckle: Certain HONOR phones have a very fun and interactive way to take a screenshot. You can simply knock on your screen twice using your knuckle! This feature needs to be activated first, though. Just go to Settings → Accessibility features Shortcuts & gestures → Take screenshot → Enable Knuckle screenshots. GIF from the website

enter image description here

Both these methods are mentioned in the YouTube video for Honor 8 as well

c) Three-Finger Screenshot: By using Three-finger screenshot, you can easily capture a screenshot on your Phone. Open Settings. Go to Accessibility features & → Shortcuts &Gestures → Take Screenshot , and Enable Three-finger screenshot. You can then swipe down on the screen with three fingers to capture a screenshot (some One Plus phones have this as I recall from OP7 I owned previously)

Hoping one of these works for you or someone else in a similar situation (also see How to take a screenshot with an Android device? for other methods of taking screenshots)


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