I have a rooted device with Android 11 (LineageOS) and Termux. With root permission an app (that's EDS for crypto containers but should not matter) mounts an ext4 file system to /mnt/eds/Data.

The mount options for Data seems to include a flag that determines the SELinux context and could be problematic: context=u:object_r:fuse:s0.

That Data directory and all its parents, for testing, have read and execute permissions for others and also write permissions. I have also tried to set respective permissions for the owner group such that the Termux user is part of that group everybody.

For some reason, I cannot create files in Data, nor can I execute files as the default Termux user. I can also not create files with file manager apps, although I can read and write existing files. It may be noteworthy that I can execute and create as su with Termux.

Something prevents it for the regular users. I found that on my device /mnt is mounted with options noexec,mode=755, but remounting with exec,mode=777 has not changed the behaviour.

Since I do not want to further escalate the permissions, I would like to avoid running the binaries I want to execute with sudo. Therefore, how can I get the permissions to execute and create files in Data when the filesystem permissions appear to allow that?


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