https://www.androidpolice.com/android-14-review/ says:

In another attempt to limit the havoc false accessibility services can wreak, Google offers a new option for app developers to limit the visibility of their apps to disability-focused accessibility services only. This new option only allows accessibility services that are officially screened by Play Protect and the Play Store to see what you’re doing in potentially security-focused apps. Since malware and phishing software often use accessibility services to get around security features, this is a welcome change, even if it may break a few legitimate apps that rely on accessibility services in the process.

I don't need Google to protect me from myself. If I want to let a non-disability-focused accessibility service access an app that its developer doesn't, I should be able to since at the end of the day, it's my phone. How can I bypass this? I'm willing to do things that need ADB and/or root.

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I think the description fro AndroidPolice is a bit misleading. The one in this blog is better. Based on this information in my understanding this feature works this way:

ACCESSIBILITY_DATA_PRIVATE_YES is a security feature an app developer can enable for views in their app. The flag is a bit similar to FLAG_SECURE which disables screen shots of a view which has this flag set.

But ACCESSIBILITY_DATA_PRIVATE_YES disables that third party apps can remote control this view using accessibility services except from those third party apps which had been installed from Google Play Store and thus are compliant to the usage rules Google has formulated for that apps should only use accessibility services to support disabled people.

That means this flag is not designed to protect you. An app developer can use it to protect their app (or parts of it) from automation tools without blocking really disabled people, which makes it an security feature.

  • But since it's my phone, I should be able to bypass it anyway. I'm asking how to do that. Oct 6, 2023 at 13:39
  • @JosephSible-ReinstateMonica If it is a flag like FLAG_SECURE then you can hook the setFlags and addFlags method e.g. using an Xposed module or Frida and remove the flag. But at the moment I think this flag never made it into the final Android 14 release because I can not find any reference to it in the Android API documentation from Google, only this page which tells me the flag was removed.
    – Robert
    Oct 6, 2023 at 14:25
  • 1
    @JosephSible-ReinstateMonica It may be possible that the flag was renamed to ACCESSIBILITY_DATA_SENSITIVE_YES Final Android API 34 knows ACCESSIBILITY_DATA_SENSITIVE_AUTO, ACCESSIBILITY_DATA_SENSITIVE_NO and ACCESSIBILITY_DATA_SENSITIVE_YES. developer.android.com/reference/android/view/…
    – Robert
    Oct 6, 2023 at 14:33

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