I sometime do that on the Linux desktop - but on the phone I cannot do it. What I see is exactly what is presented in this video on reddit. Adding the video url to mpv does nothing. The answer seems to be that yt-dlp has to be installed.

To do that I have followed these instructions, installed Termux and then did:

pkg up
pkg install python
pkg install ffmpeg
python3 -m pip install --upgrade yt-dlp

Then, in order to make mpv work with yt-dlp, I followed the instruction here: entered mpv advanced settings, selected the option to edit mpv.conf, and pasted script-opts=ytdl_hook-ytdl_path=/usr/bin/yt-dlp.

But those are settings for Linux. Should they work for Android? Why don't they? I see the same as before, mpv does nothing after adding the url.

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Not the first time once I post a question I find the answer :)

This mpv-android issue complains exactly about that, linking to this about integration with youtube-dl. There, a link to a mpv-android apk file which has that integration is available. Uninstalling default release of mpv and installing that version of mpv-android, we can see that its advanced settings include a new entry to install youtub-dl or yt-dlp.

enter image description here

There is a limited amount of GUI options in mpv, but playback in background is one of them:

enter image description here

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