I was trying to install the ROM system-squeak-arm64-ab-gogapps from the project treble_experimentations and I reported some of this in this question, however, It may not be so now.

In short, in my whole process of trying to install the new ROM, I happen to think that at some point things were "wiped" more than I expected, now TWRP says that I don't have any system installed and when I start the Moto E5 Plus it just always drops to the bootloader screen and that's it. Even after I flashed the image on the MicroSD inserted into the device and the process says everything was ok, the bootloader screen doesn't advance, it's as if nothing had happened.

  • I think I expressed myself wrong, sorry. I did not install the operating system on MicroSD, but the image for installing the operating system was to be installed on my device was on MicroSD.
    – rhuanpk
    Oct 16, 2023 at 12:44


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