I have an Android 10 device that I recently updated the (custom) ROM on, and now (for apps that have splits that include language splits - for example, config.en.apk) when installing or updating an app, I get not only English, but Spanish (config.es.apk), as well.

In System / Languages, I have only English (United States) selected. Installing the same apps on other devices installs English only (the aforementioned config.en.apk).

What setting or configuration option forces apps to add support for Spanish?

  • My device is set to German and I am in Germany and most split apps are installed with a German "de" split config and an "en". Just a few apps have only a "de" split installed. So I don't see a rule in when an app installs multiple language splits. May be there is a default language and if the local language split is incomplete (does not contain all messages in a translated version) the the default language is installed?
    – Robert
    Nov 2 at 18:37
  • Wild guess, either the device model is related to that specific country, or some system variables (e.g. build.prop) might also be related.
    – Andrew T.
    Nov 3 at 12:29
  • @AndrewT. As I stated, this did not happen before a recent ROM upgrade, so I don't believe that the model (Xiaomi A3) has any relation to a country that wants to include Spanish language splits. I don't see anything in the build.prop that suggests Spanish (in fact, one line states ro.product.locale=en-US). I can post the entire build.prop (2668 characters), if desired.
    – confused
    Nov 3 at 19:35


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