Almost every time I open a site, it loads the previously viewed version, not the latest one. A news site might load the news from 2 days ago instead of today's most recent news. I have to manually reload the site.

Chrome and DuckDuckGo don't have this problem, but I prefer Brave's privacy. Once in a while it will refresh on its own. No rhyme or reason I can see. How can I fix this?

Thanks for your help!

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In your browser URL type: brave://settings/clearBrowserData, and clear all the cache. Make sure you select all time


Clearing the cache will do it.

  • Press 3 dots at the bottom right
  • Press History
  • Press Clear Browsing Data
  • Ensure that Cached Images and Files is ticked. You can untick other items if you want.
  • Press Clear Data

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