When getting the current UI elements displayed on the screen using adb exec-out uiautomator dump, only the visible elements are included in the xml. I want to get all of the elements that are present in the scrollable view. Is there a way to get all of the content in the current Activity instead of only what is visible in the screen using adb uiautomator?

For example in this image: First image showing top part of the Activity

When the UI is dumped, only elements till end of the first paragraph ("adipiscing commodo") are extracted.

If I scroll down and dump the UI again in this state: Second image showing lower part of the Activity The content of second paragraph is also added in the UI dump.

How to get all of the content present in the current Activity?

Additional finding: I can get of all text in the chat in the Google Message app, even the messages not currently visible. Maybe it is a webpage thing. But also cannot get all the elements on the store page of an app in the PlayStore.


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