On my Android, Google Keep suggesting some items on checklists.

On my web browser for PC, I was able to disable these with a Ublock filter. However, on the Android app obviously, that won't work.

Is there any way to disable these suggestions in Google Keep?

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According to Google Support - Don't Suggest Shopping List Items,

There is no native method to prevent Google Keep from suggesting shopping list items. [...]. In order to solve my problem, I had to work around it. Here are my steps for Android 13:

  1. Go to Google Assistant settings.
  2. Go to Notes & Lists
  3. Go to "Select your notes & lists provider."
  4. From the app selection, choose an app that is not currently installed on your phone.

Now that Keep is no longer your phone's notes and lists provider, checklists behave as checklists - only.

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