Lots of sites speak of Wireguard being available on F-Droid but I noticed it's no longer on the site. Why is this? And how can I install it?

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The official Wireguard App is no longer available because the author insists in packing self-updating functionality that targets a non-F-droid repository. This functionality means that F-Droid can't ensure that the software running that was originally installed with F-Droid, was built by F-Droid. It's no longer repeatable, nor auditable.

This put the author and F-Droid at odds, and the package was de-listed.

As an alternative,

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    Thank you for pointing us to wgtunnel. It appears to be a well-maintained project. Disappointed that the author chose to take a stand because of his apparent personal disagreements with F-Droid leadership. Going to stick with F-Droid and try wgtunnel.
    – dragon
    Mar 8 at 0:05

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