Why is it that I am able to play only a few .mp4 files in my New Samsung Galaxy Y Mobile but not he rest. What should I do to make even the other .mp4 files to play?

What should I do to make .mkv, .avi and other video formats to play?


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Answer by Richard

You are not able to play the high resolution videos in your mobile. Your device should be able to handle videos up to 640*360, this is the resolution of HQ YouTube.

Note that there's absolutely no point in watching HD videos on your phone. It has a screen resolution of 240 x 320. Anything above this will be scaled down to fit the screen.

Comment by ce4

In General, HD videos need to be decoded by a specialized companion chip (h264 decoder) because the CPU is not powerful enough. For price reasons, only a subset of h264's Features may be supported leaving you without HD support

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Try MX Player from Google Play. It can play almost all the video formats in my Samsung Galaxy Y Duos. Review


Just install MX Player on your Android phone. Then, you can play any video format on your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos.

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