I am trying to migrate from a broken calendar account (no remote sync access, but the phone has all the data cached locally) to a self-hosted CalDAV calendar (connected to by DAVx). Both calendar accounts are in DAVx, and both are visible in calendar apps.

Question: How do you export an existing calendar to another calendar on the device? I have both the "Google Calendar" app and the default Calendar app that comes with LineageOS, but neither appear to support export/import---or at least I cannot find the option. There are lots of calendar events, so we need to do it in bulk.

With contacts, it is simple: you can export a .vcs to a file and import the .vcs to another contact account with the "Contacts" app. But with I can't figure out how to do the same thing with a calendar account.


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Here is a well-supported and up-to-date solution on F-Droid:

and this is the project on GitHub:

See also this related question:

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