I would like to add more users via pm on adb shell. Unfortunatly my S20 FE is set to only allow 1 user, 1 work profile and one secure folder user. I tried to add more with pm add-user gab1 but it said "Error: android.os.ServiceSpecificException: Cannot add user. Maximum user limit is reached. (code 6) Error: couldn't create User.". I know that this worked back on Android 4 and 5 but then it also got limited by OEMs like Samsung. Is there a way to add more users without rooting the phone? I appreciate your answers.

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~> adb shell pm get-max-users
Maximum supported users: 1

I don't know specifically why Samsung does this but you can work around this restriction and have a secondary user by creating a guest user :

adb shell pm create-user --guest gab1

Guest user: Temporary secondary user. Guest users have an explicit option to quickly delete the guest user when its usefulness is over. There can be only one guest user at a time.

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