Currently if I sign out of the Facebook app, sign in requires only that I press on my name. There is no password required. How can I change this? I'd like to have to type in my password each time to login to the Facebook app?

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If the app does not support it, you cannot change it. I would recommend that you use an app locker. I have always used one. There are many around. I currently use Kaspersky for anti-virus and it has this feature. There are free ones around too.

  • After installation, you select which apps require more security.
  • You select what sort of security you want, I use a 6 digit pin or a fingerprint.
  • When you press on the app icon, the AppLocker will pop up and you can enter your pin or whatever.

I lock all my sensitive apps this way, this includes Banking, Social, Email, Internet (browsers etc), and Play Store (so no one else can install another app).

  • Is there no way to completely sign out? There used to be a checkbox you could check or uncheck to select "Keep me logged in" (at least on the web version of FB)
    – TOM
    Commented Jan 25 at 20:30

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