As the admin of my android device, I'd like to configure the device to return a permission denied error to all apps that request Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT by default, unless I explicitly give it permission to make that call.

I had an issue where an app made an Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT call recently, which popped-up my picture gallery. I was attempting to do the "go back" gesture, but--by mistake--I tapped on one of the images. The result? A very sensitive photo got uploaded to the public Internet. It was a photo that I really didn't want anyone to see..

Unfortunately, user-errors happens. Until the day I die, I'm sure that I will continue to make input/gesture mis-taps. What I need is better protection from this at a permissions-level.

I checked the app's permissions, but it has none. It can't, for example, access my phone's storage.

What I want to do is further lock-down the apps on my phone such that apps are immediately returned some Permission Denied error when trying to initiate an Intent for which they haven't been added to the allowlist for that intent.

How can I deny an app permission to initiate Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT?


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