I have a new Onn Pro 11" Tablet running Android 13; I just set it up last night, but never bothered to open Chrome. Now, I need to run a Chrome-specific plugin and have discovered that all web services "Running on Chrome" ("Chrome", "Chrome Beta", "Brave", "Google News") are not painting the pages — they appear to be loading somewhere because, sometimes if I can get Chrome to freeze, it'll appear momentarily.

  • Tried resetting App Data for all browsers + WebView.
  • Tried making sure all System's apps have all permissions, some were missing.
  • Tried restarting the Android device several times in-between other tries.
  • Tried contacting Google support and he was stumped.
  • Tried updating and everything is latest.
  • Tried everything I could imagine.

Please let me know if you have any ideas. The screenshot below is what pages look like in Dark mode; turns White in Light mode:

blank Chrome page


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