I have a Samsung tablet with no SIM. The tablet works with our domestic internet connection. I live in a pretty cluttered house and periodically I misplace the tablet.

Does anyone know of a way of activating the tablet from another computer (on the same network) so as to make it buzz? This would be so helpful! Look forward to hearing from somebody.

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You can use Google Find My

If it's a Samsung, you can use SmartThings find

  • Thank you Nicolas. I checked out SmartThings find and I do not think it will actually help too much. It would be ideal for tracing in the world at large; its location definition is within 400 feet apparently. However I am seeking to find a tablet in an house with 5000plus books; and which, I am afraid to say, is quite untidy! If I could somehow make the tablet make a buzzing noise then I am sure this would help.
    – shackec
    Commented Feb 20 at 15:32
  • But thanks for the suggestion. Regards. Shackec
    – shackec
    Commented Feb 20 at 15:33
  • @shackec I see there's a "Ring" button on SmartThings find. Have you tried it?
    – Andrew T.
    Commented Feb 20 at 15:47
  • Thanks Andrew, the issue at the moment is that the tablet is somewhere in the house and we cannot find it. Once found I think I will install Smartthings and give it a test. The tablet does not have a SIM so will it have a ring? I do know that it has a buzz of some sort; cannot remember what triggered that!
    – shackec
    Commented Feb 20 at 20:35

I have the same problem with my wife. I ended up installing a beacon in each room. I have written an app that tells a server where it was last seen.

In your case I would recommend a tile. Glue it to the tablet. With your phone, you can make the tile scream. It is a pretty piercing noise.

  • Thanks Rohiy. If and when I find the tablet I think a tile might well be the answer. In any event some useful tips which will be useful for the future (once I find the darn thing!)
    – shackec
    Commented Feb 20 at 20:37

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