Every time I have to backup my phone I end up with the same question, which one should I keep? Is it a symlink? Can I delete one? Do I have duplicate files on my phone?

  • New WhatsApp versions no more use /sdcard/WhatsApp directory. They are 2 different directories, neither symlink, nor duplicate. Commented Feb 28 at 15:40

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  • /sdcard/Whatsapp is the old, pre-Android 11 location where WhatsApp stored its data in the past. It's not used anymore.
  • /sdcard/Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp/ is the new, post-Android 11 location where WhatsApp stores its data.

They are not symlinked, nor duplicates.

The location was changed because Android 11 enforces scoped storage. This means that apps cannot access arbitrary files on internal storage anymore, but only on their app-specific directory (/sdcard/Android/.../[package.name]) or public shared directory (/sdcard/Pictures, /sdcard/Download, etc.)

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